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When disaster strikes, Spartan Services are the ones to call. We specialize in:

  • Mold & mildew cleanup
  • Flood & water damage
  • Asbestos removal
  • Fire & smoke damage
  • Hazmat removal
  • Lead remediation

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Why should you trust us with your home or building?

Our team is dedicated to providing you service to best fit your needs both in cost and safety.
We help to solve the problem not just cover or clean it up.


We work with you to figure out the best solution for your needs. Wether it is remediation of a toxic material, or stopping what is causing mold, or removing hazards for rebuild, we work hard to make your project safe and done in a way you can trust.


Our team believes you are the most important part of this process. We work to keep you informed of the procedure, aware of any risks, and updated on any timeline. We approach everything from the customer viewpoint to give you the most quality service while making sure you are taken care of in the best possible way.


With over 20 years of experience, we are qualified to handle most contaminant situations. Our team participates in ongoing training to stay up with the most recent regulations and techniques.


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Environmental issues we can help with:

Mold is a Major Problem

Breathing mold spores can cause serious health effects such as sinus infections, dizziness, headaches, and chronic respiratory illnesses. In extreme cases, mold exposure can cause allergic reactions, short-term memory loss, hallucinations, excitability, and depression. Mold must be remediated & removed!

Asbestos causes Lung Disease & Cancer

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that was used in most construction applications until 1989 (roofing, flooring, siding, insulation...etc) because of its high resistance to heat, chemicals, and friction. While still combined with the product, the fibers are generally not a hazard but can become a hazard once they break free through cutting, sanding, abrasion, or if its condition degrades. ANY exposed asbestos needs to be removed!

Fire and water damage destroy a home

Water and fire damage can destroy a home or building. Make sure your home is restored properly after this traumatic experience! There are many things to consider after a fire or even after the restoration. Such as:

  • Will the smoke odor return?
  • Was the smoke neutralized or will it continue to deteriorate your homes substrate and furnishings?
  • Is there any water damage or mold caused by extinguishing of the fire?

Lead Paint is Hazardous

Lead was widely used in paint products until the mid 1970s. It adversely affects the adult body in several ways, including central nervous system damage, kidney damage, insomnia, irritability, high blood pressure, and stomach pain. It's most dangerous to children and pregnant women, causing birth defects, learning disabilities, and colic. Lead-based paint needs to be safely contained or removed!

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mold cleanup • lead paint mitigation • asbestos abatement • & more

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